TBC Eagles basketball coach John D. Jones has added a multi-talented athlete and gentleman from South Georgia who projects to thrive at Trinity Baptist College. Judah Hodges brings experience with winning in sports, classrooms, and ministry to TBC, and his prowess on the basketball court gives the Eagles even more opportunity to win the South Region this season.

Judah Seth Hodges — Waycross, Georgia

Judah graduated from Southside Christian School, where he played varsity basketball for his final two years of high school after transferring from Pierce County High School. He also played on Pierce’s varsity team as a freshman and a sophomore. Judah’s coach at Southside was Mr. Wayne Stewart. Judah is the son of Mr. Danny and Mrs. Angela Hodges.

In his two years at Southside, Judah was First-Team All-Conference each year, and as a senior, he was selected point guard on Georgia’s All-State First team. Southside won a district and a conference title each of the past two years and reached the state semifinal game in 2018. Judah averaged 18 points and 12 assists as a senior.

Judah’s athletic talent reaches beyond the basketball court; he was named Southside’s Most Valuable Player on both the football (quarterback) and baseball (shortstop) teams, and he won first place in the region in cross country.

Academically, Judah made the A Honor Roll, earned 2018 class valedictorian, and won Southside’s Timothy Fruit of the Spirit Award in addition to the Vincent Dooley Award. Athletes for a Better World defines the award as follows: “The award recipients are chosen for their distinguished individual character, outstanding teamwork, and citizenship.

Judah chose Trinity Baptist College for more than just athletics; Spirituality played an even more important role. “I chose Trinity not just because of its outstanding basketball program but largely in part because of the atmosphere,” he said. “It’s the Christian atmosphere and the Christian influences that I will have here to help me grow in my Spiritual walk with God. I look forward to the Bible classes I will have at Trinity.

At this time, Judah is undecided of his plans for the future, but he has considered staying in athletics. “I am not completely sure, but I am thinking about going into the coaching profession,” he stated. His life verse is Proverbs 14:23, which says, “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.

Judah offered the following thoughts about his upcoming time at Trinity. “I come from a very Southern background,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot about hard work and family over my lifetime, and I plan to continue that on a different platform here at Trinity with both my teammates and the student body.

The TBC community hopes to make the perfect platform for Judah to continue his plans.