Department of Athletics

Trinity Baptist College Athletics exists to be a leading Christ-centered program distinguished by excellence in athletic competition, academic performance and spiritual formation.

Understanding that God has ordained our physical bodies as temples of the Holy Ghost (1 Cor. 6:19) and that we are commanded to “glorify God in your body” (vs. 20), TBC believes that Intercollegiate Athletics should contribute to a student’s education and health, promoting the values of physical fitness and wellness.  The Trinity Baptist College Athletics program endeavors to provide students with an opportunity to compete successfully and / or maintain a lifestyle of wellness at any level.

The department views opportunities in intercollegiate athletics as integral to the educational experience. The department seeks to promote an environment that emphasizes fair play, integrity, sportsmanship, education and overall health and fitness. Students participating in the intercollegiate athletics program can benefit from the values and lessons taught through sport including teamwork, commitment, perseverance and communication, among others.

Embracing the objectives and purpose of the College and the NCCAA philosophy, the   athletics program provides opportunities for students to compete and develop successfully, grow as responsible citizens, maintain a varied program of educational experiences, and share the Gospel through the platform of athletic competition.  The Trinity Baptist program can help students realize their full potential… spiritually, athletically, and intellectually as teammates and individuals.

Members of the department’s faculty and staff seek to steadily improve the quality of the athletics experience through professional development, conferences, and department meetings. The department is committed to providing the best possible facilities, faculty and staff to ensure a positive athletic experience and an appropriate balance between athletics and other aspects of college life.

The Intercollegiate Athletics program will comply with the standards set forth by the National Christian College Athletic Association. The department will adhere to State and Federal regulations that directly impact coaches, students and intercollegiate athletics.

Trinity Baptist College athletics programs have the following specific objectives:

1. Operate in an environment consistent with the mission of the college.

2. Provide the best athletic experience possible without sacrificing academic integrity.

3. Support students in their efforts to reach high levels of performance by providing them with proper facilities, competent coaching, and appropriate competitive intercollegiate opportunities.

4. Encourage participation through the opportunity to compete.

5. Observe, develop and promote good sportsmanship.

6. Encourage the integration of student-athletes into the institutional life of the college.

7. Instill the realization that many of the traits necessary for athletic success are also fundamental for success in life.

8. Compete while maintaining the highest regard for ethical practices and procedures.


The NCCAA is an association of Christ-centered collegiate institutions whose mission is to use athletic competition as an integral component of education, evangelism and encouragement.

We serve our members by setting association standards, developing communication resources, providing regional/national competition and partnering in outreach to our communities and the world.

We are committed to equipping student-athletes and coaches to make a positive impact for Christ.